About Your Business Coach


I’m Michael

For over 20 years I’ve been coaching, supporting and getting people forward in their careers and in business, helping them achieve their goals in life.

It is just fair, that before you meet me and tell me about your dreams and goals, that I let you know a bit about myself:

A few personal experiences from my own life…

Although I grew up in a war zone, I now enjoy life in beautiful southern Germany amongst the lakes and mountain views of the Alps.

Initially being a bit of a loner, I now enjoy being among others and being invited as speaker to events and workshops.

After growing up in a difficult family, I now have my own wonderful loving family life, enjoying our lives, celebrations and laughs together.

Although being an underachiever in school, I became a CIO & Organisation Manager by my mid-30s.

Frustrated with restrictive bosses, I broke out and built my own retail business chain.

Achieving change for others, as an Interim Manager and industry firefighter, my speciality is fixing complex problems fast.

Enjoying helping others forward by supporting their career development and success in business.

I enjoy supporting and accompanying others on their way forward, offering my wide experience on overcoming the hurdles of business life, and supporting them with successful coaching techniques as well as life hacks, Knowledge and Experience so as to easily reach those goals and enjoy life with family, friends and colleagues.

Especially when the going gets tough, is when it’s good to have someone in your corner, understanding and supporting you, and always being on your side to help you achieve the working life you wish and deserve.