Coaching Expertise

So, what kind of expertise should a coach have and how do I recognise if the coach is the right one for me?

Well, first off all, he should be someone you actually like and feel comfortable with, and he should even be someone you are able to occasionally laugh about life with.

  • He should be a good listener, be able to understand what you mean when you say something, and of course be flexible enough to go with the different topics of your business life.
  • He should be able to move forward with you at your speed, supporting you for fast changes in your career or business, and more gradual changes in other areas.
  • It is often very helpful, when he understands your topics and has much experience in business himself, overcoming challenges and reaching successes with the first-hand knowledge of what works and what helps to get through it all to reach those goals.
  • Recommendations are good to hear, especially if your friend or colleague is similar to you. Just remember, people are different and have different tastes.
  • And, of course, he should have a few coaching certificates under his belt, and be experienced in different techniques to support you on your journey.