What is Business Coaching?

Simply said…
Business coaching is to accompany, advise and support you achieve the role and career you want for yourself, and achieve the goals which are important to you!

A business coach uses a wide spectrum of tips & tricks, techniques and experience to help you reach those goals.

For some, people business coaching is even finding out which career goals they actually have, and then support them to reach them.

Here are a few more questions which I am asked quite often, perhaps yours is there as well. (click on the question to jump straight to the answer)
1. Which areas of business do you mean Michael?
2. Can it work for me?
3. Training, can you not just sell me a book?
4. What’s the difference to Mentoring?
5. And what isn’t business coaching?
6. So what do I do now?

Question 1: Which areas of business do you mean Michael?
There are of course many different areas for which people want business coaching, simply because, people are different, so they have different career goals. Typical areas are:

The “how to” Questions
How can I lead others?
How can I get others to do what I want?
How can I get my boss to listen to me?
All these responsibilities, how to get them done?

Career Questions
Which career should I choose or what should I do next?
What short-term things should I do, so as to reach my long term goals?
What do I do about my boss?
How do I get my team members do what I want?
What shall do I when I don’t understand all the technical jargon?

How can I reach my career goals?
How can I get the salary I deserve?
How can I have successful projects?
How can I get it all?

Self-worth and Self-belief
Am I really good enough?
Am I all alone here?
Do I deserve it?
Do I fit in?
Do they really want me as a leader?
What if they think I’m wrong?
What if I make a fool of myself?

How can I overcome my fear of speaking or presenting in front of others?
How can I overcome my stress of decision making?
How can I overcome my stress when leading projects?
What if others find out I’m not so good as they think I am?

…and many many more, so what do you want to change?

Question 2: Can it work for me?
This is where it’s important to have a business coach who is the right person for you. Typically, it is important that he has the right way to communicate with you, have similar values to you, and understands the business & leadership areas you wish to work on. So yes, it can work for you as well!

Question 3:  Training – Can you not just sell me a book or course?
This question is of course a big wish, but then, it wouldn’t be coaching, it would be schooling and training. That’s great for general topics such as learning mathematics or a language, but for life topics?… hmmm

Just think how different you are to all the people in your life and at work… and how often people do things differently (many roads lead to Rome)… this is because you are so different to others, and what you want from life and the goals you want to reach are very specific to you. Hence, business coaching is accompanying, advising and supporting you with techniques specifically for you, so that you reach the life you want.

Question 4: Mentoring – Some people talk about mentoring rather than coaching, what’s the difference?

Mentoring is a mixture of training and coaching and is typically chosen in specialised areas such as leadership or business asperations, as well as such areas as parenthood and other long-term difficult situations. Examples are:

Which career is the right one for me, and how can I reach my long-term goals in it?

I want to get my start-up company up and going. There is so much that I don’t know, what should I do next, and then in the coming months as well.

I’ve been a great technician and specialist, and now my boss wants me to be a manager and team leader. That’s too much, how am I going to do it?

My company has become stale, and I want to lead it to new successes, how do I do that without losing my good employees or annoying my customers?

Question 5: And what isn’t coaching?
Quite simply, a coach isn’t your parent, boss, or partner who tells you what to do! Nor is a coach someone who lingers on the negative stuff, he’s strengths and solution driven.

A coach is someone who is on your side, and accompanies you by listening, advising and giving you Knowledge and Experience on how to reach the career and goals you wish to have. He also uses his specialised business coaching techniques to help you reach these goals faster and easier. He’s in the here and now with you, supporting you on your way to your positive and successful future.

That’s why I’m a business coach, to support you to your successful future, the career you want, and the goals you aspire to!

Question 6: So what do I do now?

Easy, just give me a call or write me a WhatsApp now, and I’ll get in touch for an initial get to know conversation, and we can take it from there… the sooner the better, it’s that easy.